Si Chang island – Bathing paradise – Laem Chabang

Arrival to the island Koh Si Chang

Koh Si Chang - Halbinsel-Koh-Loi-Leam-ChabangNot yet overcrowded by tourism is the beautiful beach on the island of Koh Si Chang in Thailand. The island is located in a northerly direction, about 30km from Pattaya and is easily accessible by taxi or bus. From the Koh Loi peninsula near Leam Chabang, take the ferry for 50Baht or speedboat to the island. The crossing by ferry to Tha Lang Pier takes about 45 minutes and can be a bit intense in rough seas. During the crossing you can see many factory ships working.

Beach of the island of Si Chang

Hat-Tham-Phang-BeachOn the beach you can rent a lounger under umbrellas for 50Baht and relax. At Hat Tham Phang Beach you will find a 2-star hotel for overnight stays, as well as a restaurant and a shop for bathing accessories. Another slightly smaller beach is located near the Asdang Pier. Although the remote and slightly polluted beach, Haad Saai Kaew unfortunately has no beach chairs and restaurants, you should visit it.

Lookouts and sights of Koh Si Chang

Insel-Koh-Si-ChangIf you rent a scooter for 300Baht a day while visiting the island, then you can visit the many sights and viewpoints. Although the island is not very big, there are some beautiful sights and viewpoints. If you arrive in the early morning and possibly stay overnight, you can first drive to the Vashiravut Bridge. After the tour you can continue to the Buddha Footprint Mondop Roi and enjoy the beautiful view over the island. After doing some sports exploration, it is worthwhile to sunbathe and swim in the sea at Hat Tham Phang beach.


Vashiravut-BridgeThe Vashiravut Bridge is a Koh Si Chang stay is definitely worth a visit. The beautiful view over the sea and a short walk across the bridge make a nice trip by scooter.

Temple Wat Chuthatit Thamma Sapharam

Roller ThailandWith the scooter you can drive the beautiful way to the temple Chuthatit, which is located in the middle of the island. There are two hotels on Aphakon Road to the temple. The Ben Bungalow and the Shinekhao Resort

Mondop Roi Phraphutthabat Buddha Footprint

Koh-Si-ChangThe Buddha Footprint is a must on a trip to the island of Si Chang. With a scooter you will come to the beautiful road, with a breathtaking view over the island, the pier and the beaches, up to the temple. On the way are monkeys feeding Thai people with bananas.

Bathing beach Hat Tham Phang

Hat-Tham-Phang-BeachAt the beach Hat Tham Phang you can swim in the halfway clean water and relax on a lounger. There are very cheap and good food at the beach restaurant.

Stay on Koh Si Chang

If you want to stay longer on the quiet island, you have the opportunity to stay in one of the many hotels and bungalows. A beautiful bungalow in the middle of the island is that Benjaporn.

Two more units are located near Wat Chuthatit Thamma Sapharam. The Ben Bungalow and the Shinekhao Resort. On the way to the Chuthatit temple you can visit the Kaffe House Baimai.

There is even a hospital on the small island.

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