Snakes in Thailand

Travel report to the snakes in Thailand

Schlangen in ThailandAnother topic is snakes in Thailand. Who knows the feeling of meeting snakes on a vacation, which can be poisonous and aggressive? Of course, whoever is a backpacker and wanders through the countryside and the tropical forests certainly meets snakes in Thailand. So, if you are planning to travel through the tropical forests of Thailand and wander the deep and unexplored jungle, you should not be afraid of snakes.

Shows with snakes and cobras

In Pattaya there is the Snake Farm, where you can experience the poisonous snakes, like the King Cobra up close and admire. There are also shows with the snakes. However, I find that not nice and too expensive, in general, zoos and animals in groups are not very good.

Which snakes are there in Thailand

The king’s cobra, one of the most poisonous snakes, is at home in Thailand. There are about 20 cobra species in Thailand, the most dangerous of which is this king’s cobra, after a bite you should request medical help as soon as possible. So not a minute, let’s just waste a second. Cobras can be easily recognized by their broad neck and are very aggressive snake species. In addition, there is also the Spei-Cobra in Thailand, she sprays her poison from several meters away in the eyes of her victim. For me as a glasses wearer a small advantage.

There are also several poisonous otter species in Thailand, as well as strangling snakes and poisonous vipers. Who does not know for now the info. At the popular holiday region of Phuket and the famous Maya Bay there are poisonous snakes in the water. With snorkels and dives you can get one with a bit of luck.

There are many reports on the Internet about snakes coming out of the toilet, it’s not uncommon for the snakes to make their way through the restroom. So, especially at rest areas, you should be very far away from Großstätten and especially attentive in small villages in Jungle. Especially in the rainy season, the snakes in the houses are looking for accommodation.

Snakes in the apartment or in the garden

You own a house in Thailand or go on vacation and suddenly you see a snake in your garden, what now? There is a young German man in Thailand who has emigrated and is freeing you from the animals. But do not worry about the snakes, they will be caught alive and released elsewhere. So that you too can sleep peacefully and without worries. See for yourself and learn more from Him in the Galileo interview.


Who among you has experience with snakes in Thailand? Write me in the comments you have experienced. No matter if it was with you in the house or on the journey.

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