Snorkeling on Koh Chang

Snorkeling on Koh Chang, day trip to the surrounding islands of Koh Chang

Schnorchel Tour Koh Chang Inseln

Snorkeling on Koh Chang, today we have been picked up at 8am at the reception at Klong Prao Resort. After we picked up a few other passengers at other hotels, we went to the pier. On board were a few German tourists.

At 9.30 our boat started to Koh Tonglang Island, where we went for the first time into the water for a snorkel tour. From Koh Chang Island the drive to Tonglang Island in our slightly larger boat took about 1 hour. On board our boat there were drinks such as coffee, tea, a few snacks and water for free. We had on this boat 2 toilets, unfortunately without light and 2 large tons of water for refreshment.

The first stop for snorkeling

Before we went to Koh Tonglang Island, the helpers distributed our snorkeling equipment. The diving fins cost 100Baht extra to borrow. We stopped at each of these four islands for 45 minutes for snorkeling. At the small Tonglang Island we even met divers. If you are good at snorkelling, you will make a loop around the small island of Tonglang in the 45 minutes.

The four beautiful islands for snorkeling

On the journey from Koh Tonglang Island to Koh Yak Island, we got our lunch on board. On the slightly larger island of Koh Yak, we stopped for an hour for snorkeling or going to the beach. Here on Koh Yak Island also the on-board slide was folded down.

Bathing fun aboard our boat

Urlaubsreise Thailand - Insel TourThe chute stuck a meter above the water, from the second deck of the boat. Some jumped from the boat into the sea and the others, including me, slipped from the boat into the water. It was a lot of fun and so I kept slipping. In the clear water around the islands you could watch the fish. Back in the boat, we came across a ladder. People jumped into the water even from the roof of the boat, doing a somersault.

Koh Rang Island

After a very nice and memorable stay at Koh Yak Island we drove on to Koh Rang Island. The Koh Tonglang, Koh Yak and Koh Rang islands are not far from each other and can only be reached in 15 minutes by speedboat from Koh Chang. When we arrived at the island of Koh Rang, I went this time without flippers into the water. On the island of Koh Rang I got a lot of sea urchins to see and had to watch the rocks, not to step in a spiny sea urchin.

Continue with the snorkeling

After another 45 minutes snorkel excursion on the Koh rang island we drove to our last stay, on the more remote island Koh Wai, on the way back. The island of Koh Wai we drove a good half hour. Due to the shallow water on the island Koh Wai, we stopped about 100 meters from the beach for swimming and snorkeling.

At the coral reefs around the islands you can see colorful fish like Nemo. The entire snorkel, day trip on Koh Chang, I can only recommend and for only 900Baht including food and transfer affordable.

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