Soi 7 nightlife in Pattaya

Soi 7 nightlife, bars, bargirls and Clubs in Pattaya

Soi 7 in Pattaya Bars und Clubs

The nightlife in the famous Soi 7 street of Pattaya is a very popular destination. Soi 7 is located between Soi 6 and Soi 8 in Pattaya, with Soi 6 further ahead and not directly connected. All three side streets are located between Beach Road and Second Road or Pattayasaisong Road. Unfortunately I do not have a recommendation for special bars in the streets for you. My tip is, however, that you should follow your feelings and where good music is and interesting people, should you stay.

The arrival of Naklua is again cheapest with the 10 baht rides in the streets, more on our home page. In the side street Soi 7 there are massage salons and a 7-Eleven as well as bars and clubs for a nice nightlife in Pattaya. The Soi7 and 8 are connected by side streets. In the Soi 8 there is a subway which is open 24 hours.

Soi7 Barfine and Bargirls prices

The Barfine, the trigger of a bar girl, is pretty much the same in the streets. You only differentiate between Short Time and Long Time and between Bargirls and Gogo Girls. The Ladydrinks are, depending on the drink, between 120 and 240Baht. The trigger for the bar girls is around the 300Baht for short time and long time. With Gogo Girls it is a bit more expensive, so are for the trigger between 500 and 1000Baht due. The price for the ladies will be arranged individually.

Good and cheap hotel in Soi 7

If you are looking for a hotel in the middle of the party district of Pattaya, it will be very easy to find. My hotel recommendation, right in Soi 7 is that Flipper Lodge Hotel

Hints for cash

Currency exchange offices (Money Exchange) are located in the surrounding streets, especially in the Beach Road and the Pattayasaisong Road. If you want to withdraw money from the bank, there are plenty of ATM machines in the party areas around. The banks are usually open only during the day.

The German beer Stuble in the Soi 7

For German food in Thailand is also provided plenty of, so is a German restaurant in the beautiful party street. In the area you will find but many more German restaurants. Next to it is the beautiful Silver Star 2 A Gogo.

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