Songkran Water Festival in Thailand, Thai New Year Festival

Thailand, Songkran Water Festival

SongkranSongkran Water Festival is celebrated not only in Pattaya and Bangkok, but throughout Thailand. The Songkran Water Festival is the Thai New Year festival. The water festival is celebrated in the streets of Pattaya during the week, in the afternoon until the evening. In the Naklua Rd. Down to the Beach Road and in the Soi side streets is celebrated violently before.

On the streets, in front of bars and clubs, there are a lot of water buckets on Songkran that hold several hundred liters. To keep the water cold and refreshing, ice trucks drive out large ice blocks. These are then placed in the water bottom.

When is Songkran celebrated?

New Year Songkran is celebrated every year between the 13th and the 15th of April. The next Songkran 2020 will take place between Monday, April 13 and Wednesday, April 15, 2020.

Thai tradition at Songkran Water Festival

As a tradition, water is mixed in a small bucket with a kind of chalk, which is then smeared on other people’s faces. Others cream themselves to protect the sun. This tradition should bring good luck for the new year. You get to Songkran for just a few baht, such a bucket.

Soi 6 in Pattaya

So that we were right there, we have equipped ourselves with water spray guns, mobile phone cases, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a Gopro. The Gopro I bought in a shopping center on the spot on the fly. But it has to be said that unfortunately it lasted only one year. Likewise, the super suction we bought at the stalls along the road. The first super aspirator (water pistol) was already broken after a day. Here the pump tappet is broken off. So I got one of the blue tubes for 300 baht.

Around the weekend or April 15, the Beach Rd. And other streets for the Songkran Festival were closed in the early morning. On the beach road and at the shopping malls in Pattaya several tribunes were built along the beach. Pipelines were stretched across the street in front of the grandstands, later being used as “irrigation” to refresh the party people.

Music, shows and entertainment at the water festival

Open Air Songkran Party

The stages featured rock and pop music as well as hip-hop and Thai music. So there will be something for everyone, if not the great atmosphere will sweep you away. On the last day of the Songkran Festival, and despite a water saving mentioned by the government due to the high and long heat period of 2016, people did not bother with the water. We walked from Naklua Road to Walking Street and back on Pattayasaisong Road, having celebrated each day the week before.

But you can also get on the passing pick-ups and drive through Pattayasaisong Road or other roads.

Information for the Songkran Water Festival in Thailand

Pattaya Schaum Party

Songkran is just a super cool and huge water fight with spray guns, hot and wet girls and loud party music. Add to that the cool and hot but pleasant sunny weather in April. The tuned cars with bright and loud equipment and dancing Gogo Girls on the back of the pick up truck, heat up really.

A little tip in advance. It’s especially important to have Songkran and to be well-behaved like cell phone and purse in a waterproof bag. These are also sold to Songkran as well as water pistols and much more.

You can also take ear plugs for the loud music. Do not forget the sunglasses and sunscreen during the day. For the night parties maybe take another pair of glasses to protect the eyes. Unfortunately, there are always reckless fellow human beings.

Furthermore, the shops have partially closed to Songkran. So you should have done your big shopping beforehand, but the 7eleven and Mini Mart and pharmacies are open most of the time.

Highlight and nightlife at Songkran in Pattaya City

Songkran Nachtleben Pattaya

During my Thailand trip to the New Year, a special highlight are the parties in the evening. Here is wildly gefiertiert into the night and the pleasant temperatures around the 30Grad. In the evening, the tuned and glowing hi-fi car systems really come into their own.

We stayed at Soi 6, Soi 7 and Soi 8 on Beach Road in Pattaya and let it really crack. A few friends, my girlfriend and I celebrated in bars of Soi 7 until late at night.

After a day or two a beer has flowed and we celebrated until late into the night, things got hot. The wet, transparent clothing flew away from a friend. xD. A friend accidentally tore my pants when she tried to pull my pants down. So I walked around the whole evening with castrated pants and just continued to celebrate.

The one or the other Lady Boys already show during the day to Songkran what they have upstairs and downstairs so. So be on the alert;).

Well, is there anything else to tell about Songkran? Hmmm. Think the Songkranfestival should be experienced no matter in Pattaya, Bangkok, Phuket, in Patong or in another Thai city.

What were your experiences at Songkran in Thailand, where did you celebrate? Write it in the comments.

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