Thai beers in Thailand – the most popular beers

Thai beers – the most popular beers in Thailand

Thailändische Biere, Thailand Biersorten

This post is about Thai beers and especially the most popular beers in Thailand. Which German beers are there in Thailand?

Although Thailand is relatively cheap, but who wants to celebrate in the tourist areas, who will quickly realize that this is not the case. The prices vary from region to region. Most of the time, beer costs the most in tourist areas such as Bangkok and Pattaya, but especially in Phuket.

In the bars, a small beer (0.33) costs between 50 baht in happy hour and 180 baht. In many discos, a small beer costs about 200 baht, which is about 5 €. German beers cost between 160 Baht and 250 Baht for a Seidl in the bars and restaurants. Where you do not get German beer in many bars, if they do not belong to a German operator.

The popular Thai beers

The Thai beers are available in small and large bottles with the large bottle being almost double that of the small one. Thus, in the big beer bottles in Thailand are 0.64 liters.

For me the first place of the Thai beers is the Chang beer, but I also like to drink Tiger beer and Singha beer. The Leo beer is not to my liking. The Chang beer has an alcohol content between 4.2% and 6.4%. Chang is Thai and means translated elephant, which can also be seen on the logo of the beer.

Which German beers are available in Thailand?

Paulaner wheat beer, Erdinger Weißbräu

Other beers in Thailand

Which beers are still available in Thailand? The Dutch Heineken beer is also one of my favorites for a holiday in Thailand. In most bars and nightclubs you can find the Heineken beer.

The Tiger Beer is originally from Singapore but is a very popular beer in the bars and clubs of Thailand.

Do you know any other beers that you saw in Thailand? How are these? Write it in the comments.


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