Thai buffet – Thai BBQ – Mookratha in Thailand

What is Thai buffet?

Mookathra oder auch Mu Ka TaNow what is Thai Buffet like Mookratha or Tom Yang? Also Mu Ka Ta or Tom Yang are BBQ‘s in Thailand. These types of BBQ buffets are very common in Thailand and we like to go there for dinner. You get a table with a hole in the middle, then a bucket with charcoal comes into it. Above it is a metal bowl in which an aluminum or stainless steel pot is inserted. This particular pot has a hill with slits in the middle and outside a recessed rim without holes.

How is cooking done?

Water is poured into the outer rim and the meat to be grilled is placed on the hill. Mostly herbs, mushrooms and eggs for a soup come to the outer edge of the Muh Ka Ta grill. Mostly fish, pork, chicken, beef, bacon and other seafood come on the hill of the grill.

For the BBQ we usually order a large bottle of coke and a bucket of ice cubes.

At the buffet you can serve yourself and put the food on other plates at his Muh Ka Ta Grill table. There are at the buffet, side dishes such as fries, potato wedges, rice and salads and fruit.

Dessert at the Thai buffet

For dessert, there are still ice cream, cookies and other sweets at the buffet. You can also grill fish, crabs, prawns, octopus and mussels at the buffet grill. There is another buffet at the BBQ buffet for freshly fried chicken or pork with various sauces and eggs.

Where is a Thai BBQ?

We mostly go to Al-Muh Ka Ta Buffet in Pattaya, which is located on Phettrakul Street and close to the Big C shopping mall. Not far away is the New Hollywood Club Pattaya. The AI Muh Ka Ta Buffet is open daily from 6pm to 11pm. The buffet costs 249baht per person, the drinks, ice cubes and the food you have too much left over costs extra.

Thai grills at a glance

Which Thai BBQ grills are there to buy?

The traditional table grill with a diameter of 40cm offers enough space for 2-4 persons.

The Tom Yang grill

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