Thai currency, the baht – ATMs and currency exchange offices

Money in Thailand, the Thai currency and banks in Thailand

Thailändisches-Geld - thailändische Währung - Baht

Thai currency, the baht. Banks in Thailand, ATMs and exchange offices. The currency in Thailand is the baht (THB), which is again divided into 100 satang. The banknotes are available in 1000B, 500B, 100B, 50B and 20B. Coins are available from 10B, 5B, 2B, 1B and 50 (Satang) S and 25S. The Satang can occasionally be found while shopping in the supermarket.

Withdraw money in Thailand

In general, you can withdraw money from any ATM machine in Thailand marked with a Maestro symbol. The amount of the amount is u.a. limited by your bank. In general, you already get 10.000Baht that corresponds to about 270 €. Why so much? Well, with banks, the exchange rate is often lower than at the bureaux de change. So it is still worthwhile to take some cash. Do not forget the fees. Most are at the Thai Bank 200Baht (5 €) due fees. In addition, there are the fees of your bank, these can be up to € 20 per withdrawal.

Which banks are there in Thailand?

In Thailand you will mostly find these 5 main banks. Banks are usually open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 3pm.

  • Bangkok Bank
  • Kasikornbank
  • Krung Thai Bank
  • Siam Commercial Bank
  • Bank of Ayudhya

The foreign banks in Thailand

  • German bank
  • Bank of China
  • Bank of America
  • BNP Paribas

Exchange offices in Thailand

In Thailand, there are mainly tourist areas such as, Pattaya, Bangkok and Phuket exchange offices. If you travel to the interior, you should have enough Thai cash or a credit card. There are also exchange offices at the airports and at large bus stops and train stations. In general, the exchange rate at the airports is worse than in the tourist areas, which is why you only need to exchange the essentials for further travel there.

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