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Thai customs and traditions – the welcome


Thai customs: Thai customs include the right greeting in Thailand. As already stated in regards to greetings in Thailand, one does not shake hands there, but traditionally lays them together like a prayer to a Wai. To greet you say Sawasdee. (Kha or Khrap) attached. Men finish their sentences in Thai with a Khrap and women with a Kha, as a courtesy.

Take off shoes

When you enter a temple in Thailand or are invited to visit a family, take off your shoes. At the temples, you recognize that very easily. Why? Well, you will find many abandoned shoes on the stairs or near the entrance. When visiting your Thai girlfriend at home you will also find a place for your shoes in the entrance area. Even if you go to the massage in Thailand, you will find abandoned shoes at the entrance there. Because even there you take off your shoes before entering.

Salutation in Thailand

It is customary in Thailand to use the first name. It does not matter if a man or a woman prefixes the word khun. As an example from Mr. Andreas Einwag then becomes Khun Andreas. However, “western” foreigners are called Farang.

Meaning of head and feet

In Thailand, the head is the holiest thing on the body and the feet therefore worth nothing. So you should not point with your feet to Buddha statues and other things. You do not stretch your feet to a seated Thai person.

Do not climb over Thai’s

On a visit and generally one should walk around Thais. Thais are usually at home on the ground, especially in larger families, the space in the apartment is sometimes consumed quickly. So you should be careful not to climb over someone but go around it. This has something to do with Thai beliefs and will not be tolerated because it is meant to bring bad luck.

facial expressions and gesturing

In the Land of Smiles, you can achieve more with a friendly facial expression. Sure, ripping off is always annoying, yet you should let their anger in the basement. So you smile more often, so you also like to get a smile back. They are shy? No problem! Just smile at a woman and you’ll see that you get a smile back. If the lady is interested in you, she will address you. Especially in the bars and clubs you are welcomed by the women.

Monks and temple visits

Pay attention to the rules of conduct, especially when visiting temples. Monks always have precedence. A Wai’s hands are held at the forehead. Women are not allowed to touch monks, moreover, women do not stand and sit next to monks. It depends on the right clothing. When visiting a temple please cover your knees and shoulders with long clothing. The shoes pull out in front of the entrance to the temple area.

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