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Thailand sights and holiday destinations


Chiang Mai in northern Thailand’s city sightseeing

Chiang Mai City Sightseeing Our Chiang Mai city sightseeing tor on the 23.12.2017. Just before Christmas, we will do a Chiang Mai city tour. So we'll take a closer look at the temples and sights in the city. Now it is just noon and we are still in our hotel room, have a very good breakfast in the morning and just load our cell phones and power banks. At about…


Food stalls in Thailand – cookshops

Cookshops Thailand, mobile food stalls and stands In addition to the many attractions you will find especially many food stalls in Thailand. From hot main courses over insects to desserts, there is actually everything in Thailand's food stalls. Especially in the big cities of Thailand you will find countless of these great dining options. For many Thais, the food stall is a way to earn a living. Particularly demanding is…


Snorkeling on Koh Chang

Snorkeling on Koh Chang, day trip to the surrounding islands of Koh Chang Snorkeling on Koh Chang, today we have been picked up at 8am at the reception at Klong Prao Resort. After we picked up a few other passengers at other hotels, we went to the pier. On board were a few German tourists. At 9.30 our boat started to Koh Tonglang Island, where we went for the first…


Big Buddha, Buddha Mountain of Pattaya

Day trip to the Big Buddha, Wat Phra Yai, Buddha Mountain of Pattaya Our day tour to the Big Buddha on the Buddha Mountain of Pattaya. Our journey to the great Buddha of Pattaya. From Naklua we made our way. So we took a Songthaew on Naklua Road to the walking street. Then we ran up the street and went there in one and the other shop on the street.…


Songkran Water Festival in Thailand, Thai New Year Festival

Thailand, Songkran Water Festival Songkran Water Festival is celebrated not only in Pattaya and Bangkok, but throughout Thailand. The Songkran Water Festival is the Thai New Year festival. The water festival is celebrated in the streets of Pattaya during the week, in the afternoon until the evening. In the Naklua Rd. Down to the Beach Road and in the Soi side streets is celebrated violently before. On the streets, in…


Erawan National Park – waterfalls – Thailand attractions

Thailand vacation in Erawan National Park & Erawan Waterfalls The Erawan Waterfalls and the Erawan National Park in Kanchanaburi is a true dream, a paradise for every Thailand traveler. After we drove back from the reservoir and our hot nights on the houseboat, we looked for a new accommodation opportunity in the national park. Because everything was fully booked directly at the Erawan waterfall, we met the beautifully landscaped residential…


By bus to Kanchanaburi

By Bus from Pattaya to Kanchanaburi Our travel report about the bus trip to Kanchanaburi. How to get to Pattaya - Kanchanaburi for the most favorable price. When the two twins from France arrived in Pattaya, we went on a little temple visit for a tattoo. In the evening we went to eat Muh Ka Ta and celebrate together. Because we already planned our trip, we knew where to go.…


Thailand houseboats – reservoir – adventure

Houseboats in Thailand - Our travel report The houseboats in Thailand, better said in Kanchanaburi are only recommended. Arrived at the reservoir, we moved into our floating house. We ordered for our 3-day stay a few beers and other drinks. We also bought about 100kg of ice for the big cooler. After we were ready and we had our rooms on the houseboat, we were in the evening on the…


Wongamat beach in Pattaya Naklua – Day trip to the beach

The Wongamat beach Day trip to Wongamat beach in Pattaya. On Sunday I got up at about 11 o'clock, after a nice cool shower I went to the Lotus next door to buy water and breakfast. For breakfast I bought small croissants, plus a good coffee from my lovely girlfriend. A watermelon is always a refreshing experience on the hot days in Thailand, this must not be missing with me.…

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