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Thailand Economy News – the Thai economy

Here at Thailand Economy News you will find news about Thailand and how the GDP is developing. What’s going on in the economy? The Thai infrastructure and the expansion of transport links. The new train station in Bangkok, the new trams and Skytrains. What about the schools in Thailand?

Property market in Thailand

Is it worth it to invest in a property in Thailand? We clarify. Construction projects in Bangkok, Pattaya and other regions and cities of Thailand. Advertise, sell and buy houses, villas and apartments in Thailand. Long vacation in Thailand, rent a house with a pool, an apartment or a villa.

Emigrating to Thailand

You want to emigrate to Thailand and enjoy your retirement on the beach? Then you have some plans. The right way to emigrate to Thailand. The right planning with checklists for completion and tips for successful implementation.

Pay cashless, the advantages and disadvantages

Pay cashless, a sensible thing? Even in Thailand, you can pay cashless while shopping. But now the question arises whether in the future you should completely renounce cash Worldwide. Which advantages and disadvantages come with a cashless payment transaction. The 10 Baht Songthaew's would be eliminated in Thailand but also the private and overpriced rides. For cross-border payment by card, one could, for example, create a folder for a vacation. But also for all other wishes, folders could be created and managed. But then you change the currency to a…

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Real estate agent – rip off or good choice? Hourly wage 700 €

Real estate agent - valuation, information obligationEveryone knows them, the estate agents, but are these also a good choice or just rip-offs? We'll take a closer look at this in this post. Who now thinks I am here something rhyming with me, he is wrong. I myself have completed a certificate course to the real estate agent and passed well. (On German legal bases and laws) Why I'm laying it open is that I hate such a thing!First of all a few general and important factsBy the percentage commissions of…

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German schools in Thailand

Deutsche Schulen in Thailand German schools in Thailand - German educational institutions You certainly know the movie "Fuck You Goethe 2" by a German school supports the development and education in Thailand. But what is it? Are there really German schools in Thailand? Yes there is. Learn German in the north of Thailand There is such a school in Chiang Mai. At this school children and adolescents can even reach the Abitur. The Christian German School in Chiang Mai in short CDSC is a school facility in the north of…

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Thailand’s economic growth – gross domestic product

Thailand's economic growth & gross domestic productThailand's economic growth has been constant for years. It always seems to go up. Thailand's gross domestic product (GDP) has increased almost twice in the last 10 years. In 2008 it was still about 290 billion US dollars, now it is already 490 billion in 2018. The economy in Thailand is booming, you can see it in the ever-growing tourist areas such as Pattaya, Bangkok and Phuket, but also on the islands is diligently expanded. In 2001, Thailand's gross domestic product was only $…

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Property in Thailand – Houses and flats

Buy a property in ThailandIs it worth it to buy a property in Thailand? Well, there are some obstacles to acquire property in Thailand. Anyone who wants to buy his own house and land in Thailand, currently has no way of owning it. Although you are allowed to buy real estate in Thailand, you are not allowed to own the land if you are not Thai. In this case, the land is usually kept for 30 years. However, anyone who wants to buy land for a trade may own it…

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Emigrate to Thailand – information – news

Emigrate to Thailand - checklist for emigration What do you need to emigrate to Thailand and what should be considered? After you are here to learn more about emigrating to Thailand, I assume you like the country more / better than your own. Another reason is that you have found your happiness there and now want to take the next step. Our emigration checklist helps you to plan everything properly. I know the Emigrate to Thailand - planning list is kept very short, but if you want to take such…

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