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Houseboats in Thailand – Our travel report

Stausee in Kanchanaburi

The houseboats in Thailand, better said in Kanchanaburi are only recommended. Arrived at the reservoir, we moved into our floating house. We ordered for our 3-day stay a few beers and other drinks. We also bought about 100kg of ice for the big cooler. After we were ready and we had our rooms on the houseboat, we were in the evening on the lake to our first Anlegepunkt go out.

On board our houseboat there was a gas cooker and cooking utensils such as: pots, spices, detergent, etc. For electricity there was a power unit and we had bucket for our toilet. The houseboat we stayed in had three separate bedrooms, a shower and a toilet, a charcoal grill, a rescue mat and of course a large dining table.

Houseboats in Kanchanaburi

Kanchanaburi Reisebericht

The Thailand houseboats are available in different sizes and equipment for rent. Some have a PC with home theater systems and sound systems on board. With such a houseboat you can really celebrate on the lake. The first night on our houseboat we grilled our shrimp and chicken wings. With our cell phones and a speaker system that we had with us, we listened to music in the evening and celebrated.

The next morning we were awake early and watched the sunrise over the lake on our houseboat. A small disadvantage of these houseboats, are the loud electricity aggregates, but we turned off overnight. Because it was very nice today, we enjoyed the day in the water. For swimming we had a couple of dinghies with us. There were also 2 surfboards aboard our houseboat.

In the afternoon sales boats drove by. On these boats you could buy bathing accessories, food and drinks. So we covered ourselves with fresh fruit and drinks. There is also a menu on board our houseboat and a phone number that we could use to order other items as well. On the last day on the reservoir, we were pulled to another berth. All other information can be found in my travel reports under Kanchanaburi.

More information about the floating houses on the reservoir

Hausboote - houseboats in thailand

In Kanchanaburi you can rent floating houses on a reservoir. With these houses you can stay in different places on the reservoir. The houseboats are available in different sizes and features. Our houseboat had 3bedrooms and a toilet with shower. Furthermore, our houseboat was equipped with a kitchen and a nice terrace with dining table and barbecue. Fans were also available for each room. The night on the houseboat costs 3500Baht. You can buy food and drinks there. You also get ice cubes for your cool box. Furthermore, every day a sales boat passes by on the lake. There you can get everything possible. Here you will find all information about the houseboats.

Chilln at Lake Heaven Resort

KanchanaburiA paradise for all ages. The Lake Heaven Resort is a nice vacation spot for the family. Very nice floating bungalows surround the bathing paradise. From climbing obstacles in the water to great slides. The small bungalows are available for 3500 baht the night for 2 people. The rooms are equipped with hot water boiler, TV and of course air conditioning. Furthermore, you have a nice terrace.

Bungalow für 12PersonenIn addition, you get even larger floating houses. For example a house with 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. The large terrace is perfect for a party. For 12 people it costs 18000 baht. For each bungalow more people can stay for 450 baht. At Lake Heaven Resort you also have Wi-Fi. More information can be found here.


The Sinakharin Dam

Sinakharin WasserkraftwerkA road leads over the dam. From there you have a great view of the valley and the reservoir. There is also a hydroelectric power station there. There is also a park, as well as accommodation and grocery stores.

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