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Thai beers in Thailand – the most popular beers

Thai beers - the most popular beers in Thailand This post is about Thai beers and especially the most popular beers in Thailand. Which German beers are there in Thailand? Although Thailand is relatively cheap, but who wants to celebrate in the tourist areas, who will quickly realize that this is not the case. The prices vary from region to region. Most of the time, beer costs the most in tourist areas such as Bangkok and Pattaya, but especially in Phuket. In the bars, a small beer (0.33) costs between…

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Alcoholic drinks in Thailand – the popular Thai whiskey

Spirits like liquor, alcoholic drinks in ThailandThis post is about alcoholic drinks in Thailand like spirits and liquor in Thailand. Which are the most popular spirits in Thailand? Thai Liquor, wines and liquors.The most popular alcoholic drinks in Thailand Besides beer, there are other popular alcoholic beverages in Thailand. Not only the tourists like to drink schnapps in Thailand, the Thais have their favorites. Thai fires such as rum are also available in Thailand. The two most popular Thai fires are SangSom and Hong Thong Whiskey. Of course there are…

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Food stalls in Thailand – cookshops

Cookshops Thailand, mobile food stalls and stands In addition to the many attractions you will find especially many food stalls in Thailand. From hot main courses over insects to desserts, there is actually everything in Thailand's food stalls. Especially in the big cities of Thailand you will find countless of these great dining options. For many Thais, the food stall is a way to earn a living. Particularly demanding is this often independent work. From the customer acquisition about marketing strategies and the independent preparation of the dishes. So, running…

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Thailand hotels, our hotel recommendations for a Thailand holiday

Hotel recommendation in Thailand, our Thailand hotels Thailand hotels and hotel recommendation for a holiday in Thailand. Our hotels and which we can recommend to you. Cheap, Quiet Hotels in Thailand. Good and cheap hotels in Bangkok For a longer vacation in Bangkok, there are several ways to stay overnight, which is why we have summarized hotel recommendations for a Thailand vacation. For a long-term vacation in Thailand, I recommend you to rent a house or apartment. Not only is it cheaper to rent a house or apartment, you also…

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The little shell game – watch out for rip-offs

The shell game and the shell player tricksWho does not know the little shell game? The shell player can be found all over the world, why not in Thailand? That game in which unfortunately only one wins and that the player himself. The shell game works like this, there are 3 cups or similar opaque vessels as handy as a hat. Underneath, the captain puts a ball or something similar, which he also shows you before the start of the game. Then the caps are swapped and mixed and you…

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Living in Thailand, costs and prices – enough 300 € per month

Living in Thailand, living expenses and prices Living in Thailand, does one come out with 300 euros a month? If you want to emigrate to Thailand, it also makes financial thoughts, especially what you need for a living in Thailand. Enjoy life with the pension in Thailand, who does not dream of it? You build up financial cushion and save for a condominium or a house in Thailand, then worry about the cost of living. But what does it cost me to live in Thailand and is there something for…

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Thai currency, the baht – ATMs and currency exchange offices

Money in Thailand, the Thai currency and banks in Thailand Thai currency, the baht. Banks in Thailand, ATMs and exchange offices. The currency in Thailand is the baht (THB), which is again divided into 100 satang. The banknotes are available in 1000B, 500B, 100B, 50B and 20B. Coins are available from 10B, 5B, 2B, 1B and 50 (Satang) S and 25S. The Satang can occasionally be found while shopping in the supermarket. Withdraw money in Thailand In general, you can withdraw money from any ATM machine in Thailand marked with…

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Thai customs and traditions – Thailand culture

Thai customs and traditions - the welcome Thai customs: Thai customs include the right greeting in Thailand. As already stated in regards to greetings in Thailand, one does not shake hands there, but traditionally lays them together like a prayer to a Wai. To greet you say Sawasdee. (Kha or Khrap) attached. Men finish their sentences in Thai with a Khrap and women with a Kha, as a courtesy. Take off shoes When you enter a temple in Thailand or are invited to visit a family, take off your shoes.…

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Songkran Water Festival in Thailand, Thai New Year Festival

Thailand, Songkran Water Festival Songkran Water Festival is celebrated not only in Pattaya and Bangkok, but throughout Thailand. The Songkran Water Festival is the Thai New Year festival. The water festival is celebrated in the streets of Pattaya during the week, in the afternoon until the evening. In the Naklua Rd. Down to the Beach Road and in the Soi side streets is celebrated violently before. On the streets, in front of bars and clubs, there are a lot of water buckets on Songkran that hold several hundred liters. To…

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Barfine, trigger for Bargirls and Gogo Girls in Thailand

Barfine, trigger for Bargirls and Gogo Girls in Thailand What you should know about the so-called Barfine, so the trigger in Thailand, you will learn in this blog post. The trigger is different and depends on the following things: First, the place in Thailand. Second, and the most important criteria for the Barfine is whether it's a simple bargirl or a high-end Gogo Girl. First, let's first clarify what the so-called Barfine is and what it is used for. What is Barfine? As a Barfine called the trigger fee for…

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