The most popular Thailand islands

Which are the most popular Thailand islands? You want to travel to Thailand and explore the islands? In my travel blog you will find great destinations in Thailand, great reports and travel information. Popular islands in Thailand include Phuket, Koh Samui and Koh Lanta. Of course you want to experience a lot for a little money on your travels. Although there are many island tours for little money, but you have little time on these tours. So if you want to see more of the islands, I can only advise you to explore them yourself.

How do you explore the islands yourself?

It is best to rent a scooter for one or more days. The scooters are usually available for 200 to 350Baht per day. At the stands of tour operators or in shops there are often maps of the island. On the island maps you can see mostly already marked sights that you can approach. In most of the tropical forests are beautiful waterfalls in which you can swim. Do not forget a few tighter shoes that are great for climbing the most beautiful viewpoints over the islands.

Thailand Inseln - Koh Larn

Beach holiday on Koh Larn

Who travels to Pattaya in Thailand, has certainly seen the unclean beaches and is looking for a bathing paradise. The island of Larn is not far away and is ideal for a beach holiday in Thailand.

Insel Koh Si Chang

Day trip to Si Chang Island

If you like it a little quieter, the island of Koh Si Chang is more suitable. You can make a nice day trip to the island or stay there. In addition to a beautiful beach, there are also great sights and a great viewpoint.

Koh Samed - Insel Samet in Thailand

Thailand islands - Koh Samet

Beautiful wise sand beaches and beautiful bays can be found on the island of Samet in Thailand. The surrounding islands are ideal for great day trips. Explore the island with a scooter and drive to the beautiful viewpoints.

Insel Koh Chang

Island holiday on Koh Chang

Koh Chang Island is my personal favorite. With the beautiful winding mountain roads, the beautiful beaches and great waterfalls, the Thailand island is a true paradise. To the surrounding islands are very nice tours for snorkeling and diving bookable.

More Thailand Islands - Phuket Islands

Other beautiful Thailand islands can be found at Phuket. Which day tours can you plan? Many small stalls in the cities offer day trips to the beautiful islands. Also in your hotel you get travel offers, but you can get these even cheaper outside. Always make sure that you keep your invoice for the booking. It makes best still a picture of your voucher. Visit the islands of Thailand by speedboat.

The Thailand islands of the Andaman sea

In the Andaman Sea of Thailand you can make very nice vacation trips to the islands. On the snorkeling and diving tours you can watch turtles, fish and other marine animals. In the national parks you will also find charming waterfalls and tropical landscapes to explore. At many waterfalls you can go into the water for a swim and slip off the rocks into the water.

Phuket Urlaub

Popular bathing and holiday island Phuket

Island of Phuket is a very popular destination for many Thailand travelers. The islands around Phuket are ideal for day trips and family trips. The island paradise has a lot to offer, find out more about it in our travelogues.

Maya Bay - Thailand

Phi Phi islands of Thailand`s

Very well known is the Maya Bay on the island of Phi Phi in Thailand. In our travel and tour report you will learn everything about our very nice day trip by speedboat.

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