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Lady-Boys-Thailand. Boy or Girl?

Anyone who travels to Thailand will sooner or later experience a Ladyboy. Often it is not easy to see the difference. Often the question comes up: Boy or Girl? You do not even have to be in bars and clubs to meet ladyboys in Thailand. Anyone traveling to Pattaya to meet or tow a Thai woman does not want to stand in front of a penis. However, there are also men who prefer ladyboys.

What are ladyboys?

Boy or Girl? Ladyboys are human beings with two genitals. A ladyboy in the lower part of the body is a man with a penis and eggs. However, around up a woman with breasts. Lady boys usually have a higher and rough voice, so you can recognize them.

How do I recognize ladyboys?

Women have no visible larynx as in men. Another detection point is the voice and a possibly looking through sex. Ladyboys often wear more make-up than Thai ladies. In addition, the ladyboys in the bars are often more intrusive to reach your destination.

Lady Boy Shows in Thailand

In Boys Town in Pattaya you can meet u.a. on ladyboys. Boys Boys Boys also hosts such shows. There are also many cabaret shows in Thailand.

Hotel recommendations in Pattaya

If you do not travel as a backpacker from place to place in Thailand, you are certainly looking for the right hotel. Which hotels can I recommend to you in Pattaya? In the central Pattaya there is the very beautiful but also expensive Hilton Hotel a little cheaper is that Mera Mare Hotel. The Royal Cruise Hotel is also located in central Pattaya and right on the beach.

Hotels in Pattaya Naklua. Much cheaper it is still in Naklua, there is the Lek Villa Hotel with a nice big pool and that Woodlands Resort. In German hands is the slightly more expensive Thai Garden Resort.

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