Reiseberichte aus Thailand, die besten Thailand Reisetipps und Reisetricks im Thailand Reiseblog

My fourth holiday in Thailand


Survival tips, make fire, desalt water, find food

Survival tips, survive in the wild Just in case our Survival Tips. Those who would like to survive in the wilderness should now memorize our vital survival tips. The three main pillars of survival are water, food and protection from the weather. It is very important to know how to properly prepare water and what foods to eat. Also essential is knowledge about making fires and building a shelter. In…


Arrival to Bangkok

Arrival to Bangkok and onward journey to Pattaya My arrival to Bangkok, from Germany, went with a nonstop Thai Airways flight. After baggage claim at the Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok (BKK), turn right, down a conveyor belt, to the first floor. There are, as indicated above, the buses and taxis. Once you arrive at the bottom of the conveyor with the conveyor belt, turn left and walk down the aisle…


Pattaya railway station – Laundromats & Satellite Dish for the Home

Pattaya railway station, laundry facilities in Pattaya After I had rested at noon the next day, I took care of the day planning and the drive to Pattaya railway station. My girlfriend washed our clothes at home. For those who do not have their own washing machine and do not want to wash their clothes by hand, there are smaller launderettes in almost every street where you can wash your…


From Bangkok to Chiang Mai by bus or train

Our Thailand round trip from Bangkok to Chiang Mai Today we made our suitcase for the trip from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. For lunch we cooked only rice and ate some fried eggs. I have already loaded my travel equipment, my cell phones, the power bank and the Gopro batteries for the trip to Chiang Mai. Afterwards we have some sweets, something to nibble and drinks bought on the way.…


Doi Suthep Chiang Mai – Thailand round trip

Doi Suthep Mountain, Bhuping Palace, Hmong Village & Wat Phrathat Temple A very nice destination is the Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai. At breakfast we met again on the other couple with whom we also exchanged our numbers. They booked yesterday's Songthaew driver today's tour in the Doi Suthep National Park. There are four temples to visit today on Doi Suthep Mountain, and one of them requires long clothing. In…

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