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Thailand Reiseblog

Travel with the golden star and learn all about the country in our Thailand travel blog.

Experience the great sights, national parks, cities and rainforests of the country. The capital of Thailand, the land of smiles is Bangkok.

There are two international airports in the capital as well as several bus and train stations.

More information and travel tips & tricks can be found in our travel reports. Thailand’s beautiful islands, coves and beaches are always worth a visit.

Why is Thailand a great destination?

Thailand is not only a great destination but a very beautiful country. Apart from the smell in the cities and the garbage problems, you can make cheap holidays there. Did you know that many films have been shot on the beautiful islands and in the big cities of Thailand? Which are the, you will find out later in our Thailand travel blog. With a sabbatical long-term vacation, you can explore the beautiful sights of the country as a backpacker.

Thailand Travel Blog – Travel Tips for the Land of Smiles

Learn the Thai customs and habits in our blog. Learn more about the culture of the country. Travel information you should know before your trip. Hello and thank you say in Thai, the most common words for a Thailand vacation.

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Thailand travel tips & tricks

Our Thailand Travel Tips & Tricks. The cheapest transportation in Thailand, maps and more. Learn more about the country of smiles, the customs and customs and what you should pay attention to on a Thailand holiday in our Thailand blog.


Thailand travel reports

Here you can find my Thailand travelogues. How did I get to Thailand? My first vacation in Thailand and my experiences. How I met my girlfriend and what we had to go through. Learn more about my adventures through Thailand in my travelogues.


Sights in Thailand

Thailand`s sights and holiday destinations. Which sights in Thailand are right for your holiday trip? Find out! Our travel reports on day trips and the sights in Thailand help you with your vacation planning. Temples in Thailand, waterfalls, snorkeling tours, scooter tours and much more.

Popular Thailand travel destinations

Which are the most popular travel destinations in Thailand? Popular destinations in Thailand include the cities and islands. Pattaya is known for its vibrant nightlife. There is a lot to see in the bars and clubs in the Land of Smiles. But also Phuket and Bangkok as well as the north of the country are popular holiday destinations. Learn more about the popular Thailand travel destinations.

Islands in Thailand

Dreamlike islands in Thailand

The islands in Thailand. Which are the most popular and beautiful islands for a holiday in Thailand? The largest island in Thailand is Phuket, but Koh Chang is much nicer. Discover great destinations and attractions on the islands of Thailand. Our Thailand travel recommendations and attractions can be found with great tips in our travel reports.


Thailand rainy season

The rainy season in Thailand. A monsoon brings strong and prolonged rain showers in Thailand. Thus, one wonders when the best travel time for a vacation is? When does the rainy season begin, should you rather stay at home or travel? Our Thailand Travel Blog tells you.

Mobiles Internet in Thailand

SIM & prepaid cards for mobile phones

Mobile phoning in Thailand. Telephone providers and SIM cards for mobile phones. Who are the best internet and phone providers in Thailand? Learn more about the SIM and prepaid cards for your mobile phone. How and where do you get free Wi-Fi? Our Thailand travel blog clears up.

Einkaufen in Thailand

Shopping & Shopping Center in Pattaya

Shopping in Thailand. Where are the best shopping in Thailand? 7 Eleven or Minimart, the most common small shops on Thailand's streets. Supermarkets like Big C and Tesco Lotus. Learn more about the markets and shopping centers in Pattaya, the new mall and more.

With which means of transport drive?

If you travel to another country, whether on holiday or on business, you should think about the onward journey and the transport suburb. Can you also drive yourself with your driver’s license or are there other requirements, not that you are liable to prosecution and still in jail. All information can be found in my blog entry to the driver’s license in Thailand.

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