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Thailand travel tips

Thailand ReisetippsIn our travel blog we give out free Thailand travel tips to you. These holiday tips should help you with your travel planning, so that you get a lot for little money too.

First Thailand travel tips

Book your flights and hotels online and save hundreds to thousands of Euros with a credit card. Clearly, for example, a golden credit card costs up to 100 euros a year, but these costs are saved very quickly. Already with a vacation in the year, which you buy over this map you save significantly more. Another big advantage is the miles you collect with your credit card for a free flight to Thailand. This saves you about 1000 Euro for a nonstop flight to Thailand.

Second Thailand Travel Tips

Use cheap transportation such as buses and Songthaew pick up trucks in the streets of Thailand. On long journeys and in the north of Thailand you should put on something warmer. Especially for the long journeys by bus, long trousers are recommended, because the buses are strongly cooled down. All further information about the means of transport and what Tuk Tuk are, you will find out in my travelogues.

Free travel pack list to download and share for your Thailand vacation

Packliste für ReisenSo that you do not forget anything during the exciting packing, we have put together a holiday packing list for your Thailand vacation for you. You can easily download the pdf file and share it with your friends. Check what you have already packed. See what you are missing for a trip and make the application for your visa or buy something else important.


Currency, banks & exchange offices

What currency is there in Thailand? Where can I change and withdraw money? In our report you will learn the most important to the banks, ATMs and exchange offices of Thailand.


Thai customs and traditions

What you should know about the Thai customs, you will find in this blog post. The Thai culture and customs.

More Thailand Travel Tips - The Thai Culture

Greetings in Thailand

How is greeting in Thailand? Learn how to greet in our Thailand travel blog. In Germany we shake hands. In Thailand this is not so! The salutation in Thailand is made by folding your hands together like prayer and a slight bow. This is called Wai. The Wai is a sign of respect, so watch this video too.


Apply for a Thai visa.

Do you need a visa for a holiday in Thailand? In Thailand, you can spend up to 30 days without a visa (2019). However, there are different visas for staying in Thailand. Anyone who is allowed to enter Thailand without a visa can find out at the consulate. You need e.g. A visa in Thailand if you want to spend more than 30 days there. You also need a visa and an additional work permit to work in Thailand.

  • Working in Thailand
  • Marry
  • Certification of documents

| To the forms

Where do I apply for a visa? At the Embassy in Germany or Thailand. You can do all this through an online form. Which visas are there? There is a visa for long-term leave, this visa is again divided into several periods. Then there is the visa to work and to live in Thailand. What do I need for the application? Earn credentials, ID documents, home address in Thailand and so on.

The answers and forms can be found in the Thaigeneralkonsulat.

Retirement home in Thailand

You want to live in Thailand, but you need care, is that a hindrance? Even if you already live there but can not take care of everything yourself, you can take care of it. In Thailand, there is a home for the elderly from Germans and Swiss, which cares well for you and cares for you. Learn more about it in a short and informative video here in Thailand Travel Blog.

Thailand safety instructions

Always get the latest travel and safety information for a holiday in Thailand. At the official office you will find great information about current and general situations in Thailand.

Jellyfish danger

Find out where jellyfish are currently growing and avoid these bathing spots. Look for it on the website of the valid German office. There you will always find all current travel advice

travel bans
entry requirements

What do you need to enter Thailand? Is an identity card or passport sufficient? Are there currently special entry requirements?


Are there currently floods, earthquakes or diseases that you should look out for?

Vaccination and medicine notes

Learn what vaccinations you need for a holiday in Thailand. Take care of mosquitoes, especially in the tropical forests outside the cities. Inquire before your trip to the malaria regions in Thailand.

Foreign health insurance for Thailand

Why should you take out health insurance for a Thailand vacation? All information for an AKV and its benefits can be found in my Thailand travel blog report on health insurance for world travel.


The time in Thailand

Why are the Thais so far ahead of your time? When you travel to Thailand you will very often find another year than in Germany. But why is that? In Thailand, time begins because of your religion in 557 BC, which is the date of birth of the Buddha. That’s how it is in the German year 2016, in Thailand the year 2559.

The time difference to Germany

In the summer we have a time difference to Thailand of 5hours. In winter this changes due to our time change. So in the winter time we have a time difference of 6 hours. The Thai people are 5 hours ahead of us in summer. As an example, if it is 12 o’clock at noon, then it is 5 o’clock in Thailand.

Should you tip at all?

First, you should know that most service workers earn little. An additional tip should not be a bone break for a vacationer. Sure, who gives me a tip? It’s a nice touch and every waitress is happy to receive a nice smile as thanks.

How much tip to give?

In a hotel I put mostly 10-20Baht on the bed pillow. It is customary to signal the cleaning lady that this money belongs to her. So do not accidentally put too much money in bed. Likewise, in restaurants I usually round up. Taxi driver or Tuk Tuk driver u.a. for day trips can also enjoy a tip. Through such “business relationships” you can get better, in a nice conversation, get great information.

Hotel recommendations in Pattaya

If you do not travel as a backpacker from place to place in Thailand, you are certainly looking for the right hotel. Which hotels can I recommend to you in Pattaya? In the central Pattaya there is the very beautiful but also expensive Hilton Hotel that  Mera Mare Hotel is a little cheaper. The Royal Cruise Hotel is also located in central Pattaya and right on the beach.

Pattaya Naklua Hotels. Much cheaper it is still in Naklua, there is the Lek Villa Hotel with a nice big pool and that Woodlands Resort. In German hands is the slightly more expensive Thai Garden Resort.

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