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My second Thailand travel and my first Songkran water festival in my Thailand trip also learn more about our island tours in this Thailand travelogue.

Today I want to tell you something from my second Thailand travel to my first Songkran water festival in Thailand.

Traveling from Germany to Thailand

For the Thai New Year, the so-called Songkran, it went with the Etihad Airways and one between stop in Abu Dhabi from Frankfurt to Bangkok. With a 4-hour longer flight time than the nonstop flight and a stay of 4 hours I arrived safely in Bangkok. Then I shared a taxi with a German traveler, whom I met on the plane.

The taxi ride in the morning from Bangkok to Pattaya takes about 1.5 hours. I usually book my flights so that I land in Thailand in the morning to avoid the rush hour traffic in Bangkok. Anyone who has been in traffic in Bangkok knows what I’m talking about. Because it is often on a large scale, very clearly big city halt. xD.

After I arrived at my hotel and checked in, I had a date with my girlfriend. We were in close contact with each other almost daily after our first holiday together in Thailand and so we started to get more out of it. But it goes on, so stay tuned.

Our Thailand travel – The Songkran Water Festival

Soi 8 in Pattaya, Thailand

is celebrated not only in Pattaya and Bangkok, but throughout Thailand. In Pattaya Songkran is already celebrated during the week from afternoon to evening. In the Naklua Rd. Down to the Beach Road and in the Soi side streets is celebrated violently before.

On and in the streets, in front of bars and clubs, Songkran has plenty of water bucket that can hold several hundred liters. To keep the water cold and refreshing, ice trucks drive out large ice blocks. These are then placed in the water bottom.

As a Thai tradition

Water is mixed in a small bucket with a kind of chalk, which then smears other people’s face. Others cream themselves to protect the sun. This tradition should bring good luck for the new year. You get to Songkran for just a few baht, such a bucket.

So that we were also right, we have equipped with water spray guns, mobile phone cases, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a Gopro. The Gopro I bought in a shopping center on the spot on the fly. But must say that this has unfortunately only lasted a year. Likewise, the super suction we bought at the stalls along the road. The first super sucker was broken after just one day. Here the pump tappet is broken off. So I got one of the blue pipes for 300Baht.

Around the weekend or April 15, the Beach Rd. And other streets for the Songkran Festival were closed in the early morning. On the beach road and at the shopping malls in Pattaya several tribunes were built along the beach. Pipelines were stretched across the street in front of the grandstands, later being used as “irrigation” to refresh the party people.

Music, shows and entertainment

On the live stages rock and pop music was played as well as hip hop and thai music. So there will be something for everyone, if not the great atmosphere will sweep you away. On the last day of the Songkran Festival, and despite a water saving mentioned by the government due to the high and long heat period of 2016, people did not bother with the water. We walked from Naklua Road to Walking Street and back on Pattayasaisong Road, having celebrated each day the week before.

But you can also get on the passing pick-ups and drive through Pattayasaisong Road or other roads.

Information for the Songkran Water Festival in Thailand

As you have just learned from the name, it is about a water festival, because Songkran is the Thai New Year and is celebrated every year between the 13th and 15th of April with lots of water.

Songkran is just a super cool and huge water fight with spray guns, hot and wet girls and loud party music. Add to that the cool and hot but pleasant sunny weather in April. The tuned cars with bright and loud equipment and dancing Gogo Girls on the back of the pick up truck, heat up really.

A little tip in advance. It’s especially important to have Songkran and to be well-behaved like cell phone and purse in a waterproof bag. These are also sold to Songkran as well as water pistols and much more.

You can also take ear plugs for the loud music. Do not forget the sunglasses and sunscreen during the day. For the night parties maybe take another pair of glasses to protect the eyes. Unfortunately, there are always reckless fellow human beings.

Furthermore, the shops have partially closed to Songkran. So you should have done your big shopping beforehand, but the 7eleven and Mini Mart and pharmacies are open most of the time.

Highlight and nightlife at Songkran in Pattaya City

During a Thailand trip to the New Year Festival, a special highlight will be the parties in the evening. Here is wildly gefiertiert into the night and the pleasant temperatures around the 30Grad. In the evening, the tuned and glowing hi-fi car systems really come into their own.

We stayed at Soi 6, Soi 7 and Soi 8 on Beach Road in Pattaya and let it really crack. A few friends, my girlfriend and I celebrated in bars of Soi 7 until late at night.

After a day or two a beer has flowed and we celebrated until late into the night, things got hot. The wet, transparent clothing flew away from a friend. xD. A friend accidentally tore my pants when she tried to pull my pants down. So I walked around the whole evening with castrated pants and just continued to celebrate.

The one or the other Lady Boys already show during the day to Songkran what they have upstairs and downstairs so. So be on the alert;).

Well, is there anything else to tell about Songkran? Hmmm. Think the Songkranfestival you should have experienced no matter in Pattaya, Bangkok, Phuket – Patong or in another Thai city.

Ill on a Thailand trip for the first time

For the first time sick in Thailand what now? The many celebrations at Songkran in Thailand has unfortunately hit me and so I was really modest. Why the party? The very cool water and the constant in and out of the far-cooled 7-Eleven made my body bother. In addition, one swallows at Songkran in the midst of water battles one or the other time too much water. In Thailand, the water is not as clean as ours in Germany and should not be used uncooked for drinking.

For my trips abroad I have a foreign health insurance, this costs only 10 € a year and secures me, for example. For a return transport after an accident. If you go there to the doctor or the hospital with the foreign health insurance card, you must first bear the cost of treatment yourself. Let yourself then please give a detailed bill. You then submit a copy of your bill to your foreign insurance company and you will be reimbursed the costs. For simple colds or injuries you will get medication in every pharmacy store. You can get a broad-spectrum antibiotics for 10 € in the pharmacy even with a strong flu. However, one should not just take antibiotics and it is best to see a doctor. Then show him what you have taken before, so that you get well again.

How much does a hospital or doctor visit in Thailand?

In Pattaya, there are now several German doctors u.a. with a dental office. For a normal visit to the check you only need a few hundred baht. However, if you go to the special practice, then a visit will cost you several thousand baht for a treatment. Especially dental offices are not cheap. If you need medication such as antibiotics, then come back then a few hundred baht. If you have a tingle, then you should get by with 1000Baht.

Tips for a Thailand vacation

What tips can I give you now for a Thailand travel?

  • Since in possession of a foreign travel health insurance
  • Pick up your bills
  • Make a copy or a photo of your travel booking and the bill
  • Be responsible for you and others, pay attention to the environment
  • Check out more and interesting videos of Asia Travel Randy Design
  • Read my experience and travel reports
  • Be careful when traveling, saving valuable money for other things.
  • Thailand is a super hot destination for parties, exploring islands to experience culture and nature, and much more

Our Thailand trip to Koh Si Chang

Koh-Si-ChangNow that the Songkranfestival was over and I was experiencing and seeing more, I researched for more sightseeing opportunities near and around Pattaya City. When I am in Thailand, you are attracted to the islands. So we came to the decision to visit the located near Pattaya island Koh Si Chang. The island Koh SiChang is located about 20km north of Pattaya.

How do I reach Koh Si Chang Island?

It goes from Pattaya with several means of transport to the island Koh SiChang. The first and cheaper arrival is the Songthaew Naklua Road to the end. From there, you will be transferred to one of the white Songthaew’s for 20Baht per person per trip. These stop in the street. We brought this Songthaew driver for 100Baht as a couple to the Koh Loi Pier on the peninsula. You can, however, take a private Songthaew or a taxi from Pattaya right away. I would also prefer the stressful change and the drive to Koh Loi Pier is also pleasant.

When we arrived at Koh Loi Pier after a good hour, we went straight to the ticket shop. At the small booth, right on the pier, we borrowed a scooter for the island exploration. A fully charged scooter cost 250 Baht for the day’s rental. The ferry ticket to Koh SiChang Island from Koh Loi Pier costs 50Baht. The ferry takes about 40 minutes to get to the island. On our crossing we saw a lot of trawlers and the sea was very rough that morning.

The island of Si Chang

When we finally arrived safely on Koh SiChang, we ran to our rented scooter rental at Tha-Lang Pier. When handing over the scooter, I made at the same time a few pictures to record already existing damage. After a short brake check it was off to the beach. Arrived at Hat Tham Phang beach, we looked for a cozy place under the umbrellas in restaurant nearby. Because it was already midday, we ordered something delicious to eat and drink.

While our food was in preparation, I went to the beach to cool off. The food and drinks on Koh SiChang are very good and reasonably priced. Koh SiChang is a very quiet island and not yet crowded with tourists. On the right side of the beach Hat Tham Phang you can walk to the top at low tide, but there is also a road leading to the Laam Chakapong vantage point at the island’s nose.

After our lunch

On the island of Koh Si Chang, I went several times into the sea for swimming and made a few beach walks. In the late afternoon we went with the rented scooter to visit the island. There are several beautiful spots for togetherness and far away from the holiday hustle and bustle on the island Koh SiChang. So we also took the scooter up the hills to the Mondop Roi Phraphutthabat Buddha viewpoint.

On the way we saw a woman with a scooter and trailer, this fed the monkeys located on the road. So we stopped and watched the monkeys in the street railing while rumturnen. Another and very nice vantage point on Koh SiChang is the Wachirawut Bridge, where you can walk to the top of the island on a nice stony path to the Chok Khao Khat. On the island of Koh SiChang in Thailand there are so many other attractions like the temple Wat Tham Yai Prik. But more on my next vacation on Koh SiChang.

Night market in Laem Chabang after the Koh Si Chang sightseeing

On the way back from the island Koh SiChang and on our arrival on the peninsula Koh Loi Pier, we came to a night market and a kind Plärrer. The entire jetty to Koh Loi Pier peninsula was covered by stalls by Leam Chabang on both sides. There were lots of booths and shooting ranges, sweets and food. At the top of the roundabout were still a ferris wheel and a ship swing. Somewhat sad, I found that animals of all kinds were sold in cages there. Everything shone with ties lighting. We walked comfortably through the stands and looked at the sights. For the way home I bought something sweet and a refreshing Coke. At the roundabout we went with a tuk tuk out to the Songthaew stops for 80Baht. From there we took our old Songthaew driver back to Pattaya.

On our Thailand trip it is also on Koh Larn


A few days later I went back to the island of Koh Larn where a monkey attacked me. More on that later. A speedboat to the island Koh Larn takes about 10 minutes and costs 300Baht. We preferred to take the ferry to Koh Larn for the money, you will learn more about my experiences and my first trip on a speedboat in later reports.

To Koh Larn by speedboat

I think it is not profitable and the masses there is also easily an accident. This time we did not drive the Na Ban Pier, as on my first visit to Koh Larn, but the Tawaen Beach Pier. There we also borrowed a scooter. Driving around on the island with a scooter is a lot of fun. There are very beautiful hills and steep, narrow cobblestone streets on Koh Larn. The abbreviations are particularly cool, but be careful when one comes to the Spitzkeren! This time we drove to Koh Larn several booths with the scooter, stayed there for 1 to 2 hours and went on a journey of discovery.

For lunch we stayed on a beach a bit longer to protect ourselves from the heat and to refresh ourselves in the sea. In the afternoon, the Koh Larn sightseeing tour continued. So we went with the scooter on Koh Larn to the viewpoints. A very nice viewpoint on Koh Larn and the highest place is the over the Tawaen Beach. Here you can reach a part with the scooter, the other part to the viewpoint, you have to conquer on foot.

On a hot day on our Thailand trip

the 250 steps to the Buddha footprint are really sweaty. The steps are partly very high and the stairs are really steep. There is a hanging rope to hold on to. I walked up the 250 steps to the Buddha viewpoint on Koh Larn in about 5 minutes but without my girlfriend, she was waiting for me downstairs. From the top and on the stairs you have a breathtaking view over the Tawaen beach and the island Koh Larn.

If you stay on the island of Koh Larn, you can watch the sunrise and sunset there. So slowly another day on Koh Larn came to an end. So we drove once again with the scooter along the beach to Tong Lang Beach. On the way back to our ferry we saw two monkeys sitting on the pier. Too bad I did not buy any bananas before or had something to eat with me. I would have liked to feed the monkey. When I came too close to the monkey, it was probably unpleasant for him and he ran madly at me. See for yourself in my video.

Another day on Koh Larn and why I puked over the railing

It started a day earlier in Pattaya Naklua. Once again we sat together in the bar, drank our beers and enjoyed our vacation. Because we were all in such a good mood, we also ordered a bottle of SangSom.

You certainly know that;)! But I did not puky over the alcohol you might think. No no. So we drank our beers and SangSom cozy with coke and ice cream. We also often played four wins or Jenga. Often come at the bars mobile grills or the like over and sell your treats. When our girls were hungry and someone came over with his stand, they bought a nice. My girlfriend and her friends like to eat insects. So there were fried frogs and grasshoppers.

Grasshoppers and frogs on a Thailand travel

Since I was already pretty drunk, it was not difficult for the girls to persuade me to try. So I started with the grasshopper. Which I distorted exactly you see in the pictures. As I write, I feel sick again. Not because it tastes disgusting but the thought of eating insects. As is often said, the eye eats with yes. The grasshopper tasted of crunchy pork roast crust. It’s mostly protein, which is in such an insect. So I also tried the fried frog. In addition, there were again herbs to neutralize the taste or simply as a good and healthy side dish. The little frog tasted similar to the grasshopper again. Since I tasted the insects, my consumption was not just one.

Our Thailand trip and a day trip to Koh Larn

For the next day we decided to go to Koh Larn for swimming. So it was the next morning with the 9 o’clock ferry to Koh Larn. This morning the sea was very rough, and I was not sober from yesterday’s party. After about a quarter of an hour at sea I was really bad and the prospect of a nice day on the beach on Koh Larn there. From then on, I fought the rest of the journey, as it turned my circuit and I felt really bad.

The Tawean beach of Koh Larn

When we finally arrived on Koh Larn at Tawaen Beach, I quickly ran from the boat to the railing at the pier. After everything was out, we ran over the boardwalk to Sang Wan Beach. At Sang Wang beach we first looked for a nice place to rest and my girlfriend bought me a coke. At noon I still did not feel better and I did not want to eat something either, as this would otherwise come out again.

In the afternoon, I tried to eat and drink again and again, so I got better at 2pm. So I decided to go to another beach, so we took to Tien Beach Songthaew. On Tien Beach we got a beach chair on the beach and I went to the sea for swimming. Thus, the day on Koh Larn was still worth it for me. After we were back in Pattaya Naklua in the evening, we went once again decent, German food.

Cost of day trips for the Thailand travel

What did it cost? Overall, my Thailand trip to Koh Si Chang cost me 1170Baht with my girlfriend, which is about $ 31. The other day trips to Koh Larn cost us two 800-1500baht, which is about 20-40 €.

  • Koh SiChang Songthaew 10THB + 50THB onward per pers.
  • Koh Si Chang Tuk Tuk 40THB + 50THB + 10THB Songthaew Return Per Pers.
  • Ferry to Koh SiChang Island 50THB per pers.
  • Scooter rental on Koh SiChang 250Baht
  • Food and drinks for 2 on Koh SiChang about 500THB
  • Scooter rental on Koh Larn 250THB
  • Songthaew on Koh Larn depending on the beach between 30Baht and 40Baht

Muh Ka Ta or Tom Yang eating during a Thailand trip

Muh Ka Ta essen in ThailandWell first what is Muh Ka Ta or Tom Yang ?

Muh Ka Ta or Tom Yang are BBQ’s in Thailand. These types of BBQ buffets are very common in Thailand and we like to go there for dinner. You get a table with a hole in the middle, then a bucket with charcoal comes into it. Above it is a metal bowl in which an aluminum or stainless steel pot is inserted. This particular pot has a hill with slots in the middle and a recessed rim without holes around it.

And that is how it is cooked

Water is poured into the outer rim and the meat to be grilled is placed on the hill. Mostly herbs, mushrooms and eggs for a soup come to the outer edge of the Muh Ka Ta grill. Mostly fish, pork, chicken, beef, bacon and other seafood come on the hill of the grill.

For the BBQ we usually order a large bottle of coke and a bucket of ice cubes. At the buffet you can serve yourself and put the food on other plates at his Muh Ka Ta Grill table. There are at the buffet, side dishes such as fries, potato wedges, rice and salads and fruit. For dessert, there are still ice cream, cookies and other sweets at the buffet. You can also grill fish, crabs, prawns, octopus and mussels at the buffet grill. There is another buffet at the BBQ buffet for freshly fried chicken or pork with various sauces and eggs.

We mostly go to Al-Muh Ka Ta Buffet in Pattaya, which is located on Phettrakul Street and close to the Big C shopping mall. Not far away is the New Hollywood Club Pattaya. The AI ​​Muh Ka Ta Buffet is open daily from 6pm to 11pm. The buffet costs 249baht per person, the drinks, ice cubes and the food you have too much left over costs extra.

Moving on a Thailand travel into another home

If you live in Thailand, you will also move in the course of your life. My girlfriend has found a nice house in Pattaya for rent. After a sightseeing tour, my friend decided for the new house. Well, how do you get your furniture in Thailand from one place to the next?

My girlfriend’s new house was only a few miles away from your old place of residence. So we hired a small pick up driver with plenty of room in the back of the truck. By the time we set up the furniture, we stowed everything else in boxes and bags. However, if you move very far away from your house, you should rent a larger van at a freight forwarder in Thailand to stow everything well for the long journey. In the early morning we stacked all the furniture on the back of the pickup truck.

Arrived at the new house

We first carried everything to the house, which was located in a backyard. The beautiful large house had several apartments, a large terrace and a balcony with fitness equipment. In the garden of the house was still a pond. In the next few days we did everything gradually. A kitchen was already in the house as well as a few beds and furniture. However, because my vacation was already over and I had to go back to Germany to work, I did not have much time to live in the new house.

Nearby was a night market, where we bought fried duck, fruits and drinks in the evening. Because I did not organize the move, I can not say much for the price, but I found the price for the pickup truck too expensive. My girlfriend paid 4000baht for the whole day. When I was back in Germany, my girlfriend bought another cute dog. The downside to your new place of residence, however, was that you now had it to your work. After a few months and the rainy season in Thailand, my girlfriend decided to look for another flat. So my girlfriend moved to Thailand again. Everything else you will learn in my next holiday reports.

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