My third Thailand vacation – Thailand travelogue – Kanchanaburi

Thailand Vacation – Travel Tips & Travel Report

This travel report is about my third Thailand vacation. The blog post is about our trip to the Stone Park Pattaya and the visit to the crocodile farm. In addition, in this travelogue you will learn more about the excursion to Kanchanaburi, the Erawan National Park as well as the Erawan Waterfalls and the overnight stays on a houseboat. Of course there are also travel tips and a cost lineup. On our Thailand trip, it’s also about Phuket.

For a Thailand holiday nonstop from Frankfurt to Bangkok

Thailand Urlaub

On 16.12.2016 I took the train from Bamberg to Frankfurt to the airport. From there we went with a nonstop Thai Airways flight from Frankfurt to Bangkok. As you have already learned, I like to take the night flights and also like this time I landed in the morning in Bangkok. When I landed in Bangkok, I went to First Floor and the bus to Pattaya Naklua. Arrived in Pattaya, I first went in search of my girlfriend your new place of residence.

After several phone calls and a few miles on foot in long pants, I finally arrived. As you know, my girlfriend got a dog that I met for the first time today. After we had a nice first day at home, we went to the Naklua fish market to eat. There was also the night market at the Naklua fish market. Because I like to travel and go shopping, I went shopping the next morning to the Central Festival in Pattaya. In the afternoon, we ordered a taxi to The Million Years Stone Park Pattaya and Crocodile Farm for the next day.

The Million Years Stone Park Pattaya and Crocodile Farm 

The Million Years Stone Park in Pattaya

By taxi or Songthaew, Pattaya Naklua is just minutes to the Crocodile Farm and Stone Park. We paid our driver for the roundtrip 400Baht, which was waiting for us during our half day stay, suburb. The entrance fee for the park was 150Baht and another 400Baht for the crocodile show. In the park you can not only see rocks and crocodiles, there are also elephants and lions as well as other animals.

In the pond are huge fish. The Stone Park in Pattaya is definitely worth a visit as a couple or with the whole family. In the park you can take pictures and relax on the beautiful wooden benches and swings. For a little more money you can have your picture taken with the lions and tigers, feed the elephants with bananas and take some nice souvenirs in the shop.

During our visit to the park, two white / black tigers enjoyed their togetherness. In the restaurant there you will get Thai dishes, but also crocodile specialties to eat. A few days later a few friends from France come to Thailand. We planned in advance to make a trip to Kanchanaburi and so continues our Thailand vacation.

By bus from Pattaya to Kanchanaburi, Houseboats & Erawan National Park


When the two twins from France arrived in Pattaya, we went on a little temple visit for a tattoo. In the evening we went to eat Muh Ka Ta and celebrate together. In the next few days we booked our bus tickets and prepared everything for the trip to Kanchanaburi. More information about the buses can be found at Kanchanaburi. In the Tesco Lotus we bought a large Styrofoam cooler and our food for grilling and ice cream.

On 23.01.2016 we drove to our bus stop and have everything stowed away. On the way by bus from Pattaya to Kanchanaburi, I was able to take very nice pictures of the surroundings during the day. In between, we stopped at rest areas to go to the bathroom and to eat something. So we arrived after an 8 hour drive in Kanchanaburi at the bus station and took from there a Songthaew in the Si Sawat district to the reservoir.

Houseboats in Thailand

Stausee in Kanchanaburi

Arrived at the reservoir, we moved into our floating house. We ordered for our 3-day stay a few beers and other drinks. We also bought about 100kg of ice for the big cooler. After we were ready and we had our rooms on the houseboat, we were in the evening on the lake to our first Anlegepunkt go out.

On board our houseboat there was a gas cooker and cooking utensils such as: pots, spices, detergent, etc. For electricity there was a power unit and we had bucket for our toilet. The houseboat we stayed in had three separate bedrooms, a shower and a toilet, a charcoal grill, a rescue mat and of course a large dining table.

The houseboats

Kanchanaburi Reisebericht

There are different sizes and equipment to rent. Some have a PC with home theater systems and sound systems on board. With such a houseboat you can really celebrate on the lake. The first night on our houseboat we grilled our shrimp and chicken wings. With our cell phones and a speaker system that we had with us, we listened to music in the evening and celebrated.

The next morning we were awake early and watched the sunrise over the lake on our houseboat. A small disadvantage of these houseboats, are the loud electricity aggregates, but we turned off overnight. Because it was very nice today, we enjoyed the day in the water. For swimming we had a couple of dinghies with us. There were also 2 surfboards aboard our houseboat.

In the afternoon sales boats drove by. On these boats you could buy bathing accessories, food and drinks. So we covered ourselves with fresh fruit and drinks. There is also a menu on board our houseboat and a phone number that we could use to order other items as well. On the last day on the reservoir, we were pulled to another berth. All other information can be found in my travel reports under Kanchanaburi.

Thailand vacation in Erawan National Park & Erawan Waterfalls

Erawan National Park

The Erawan Waterfalls and the Erawan National Park in Kanchanaburi is a true dream, a paradise for every Thailand traveler. After we drove back from the reservoir and our hot nights on the houseboat, we looked for a new accommodation opportunity in the national park. Because everything was fully booked directly at the Erawan waterfall, we met the beautifully landscaped residential area, just outside the road. So we decided to rent a few bungalow cottages there. To the Erawan waterfall and the national park, drove every day from there a Songthaew for 20Baht.

Thailand Vacation Tips for a trip to Erawan National Park and the waterfalls. Bring sunscreen and sturdy shoes to work for the visit. The paths in the park and the waterfalls are well developed, but there are natural and rocky climbs that are dangerous with wet sandals. Very important are the bathing suits and that you do not underestimate the sun exposure in the forest.

The Erawan waterfalls

Hlai Khuen Rung Wasserfall

The Erawan waterfalls are divided over a length of about 2km in seven stages. After 500 meters you will come to the first waterfall, the Hlai khuen Rung. To refresh you can go here already in the shallow and crystal clear water. After another 100 meters you come to a very nice waterfall for bathing and relaxing.

The Wang Macha is a lot deeper and ideal for swimming. At the Wang Macha Waterfall, you can massage your shoulders and neck with the streaming water.


Wang Macha Wasserfall

In order to reach the next, higher waterfalls in the Erawan National Park, you have to hand over some plastic at the gate. You are allowed to bring two water per token with you. After another 100 meters is the Pha Namtok waterfall. At the Oke Nang Peesau waterfall, the fourth, you can safely slip into the water over the stones. 500 meters further on it goes to Buea Mai Long, this waterfall is again very flat.

Another and more beautiful is located at level 6 in the Erawan National Park. Dong Prucksa Waterfall is just 200 meters away from Buea Mai Long Waterfall. It is the penultimate Erawan waterfall and is located about 1750 meters from the entrance. The Phu Pha Erawan is the last step and the beginning of the waterfall which you reach after only 250 meters.

Travel Tips for a Thailand Vacation in Kanchanaburi

What tips can I now u.a. for a holiday in Thailand?

  • Have a Thai speaking person with you
  • Take enough cash with you or a credit card, bank card
  • Toilet paper for bus travel and long tours
  • Do not forget sunscreen and mosquito repellent
  • Download my free checklists
  • Anyone who has an international driver’s license or can drive in Thailand can also rent a bus for travel. Offers a group of 6 or more people.
  • Check out more and interesting videos of Asia Travel Randy Design
    Read my experience and travel reports
  • Be careful when traveling, saving valuable money for other things.
  • Thailand is a super hot destination for parties, exploring islands to experience culture and nature, and much more


Cost of day trips in our Thailand vacation

What did it cost?

  • The bus ticket from Pattaya to Kanchanaburi cost 240Baht
  • Onward journey with Songthaew from Kanchanaburi Bus Station 1000Baht for all of us
  • The night on the houseboat depends on the type and equipment from 3000Baht / night
    Ice for cooler and drinks, cola, water 300Baht
  • Hotel Price for the Erawan National Park 1200Baht / Bungalow
  • Entrance fee Erawan National Park 300Baht for foreigners and 100Baht for Thais
  • Travel costs from the hotel to Erawan Waterfall 50Baht
  • From Kanchanaburi back to Bangkok in the VIP bus for 140Baht per person
  • To the bus station in Kanchanaburi for the return route 130Baht per person

From Bangkok to Pattaya back 140Baht


From Pattaya to Phuket


Now it continues on our Thailand vacation trip and to the island of Phuket. Learn more about our beautiful, but also too expensive journey from Pattaya to Phuket. After we had booked our flight from Bangkok to Phuket too expensive in a travel agency in Pattaya Naklua, in addition to a much too expensive hotel, we went to New Year’s Eve to Phuket. From Pattaya we took a taxi to the DMK airport in Bangkok.

Our flight went to Phuket International Airport with the Air Asia at 15.30. When we landed in Phuket and looked in vain for our driver at the exit, this happily appeared around the corner waiting. Then we drove to our hotel in Phuket Town.

The Ekkamon Mansion Hotel is well located and centrally located in the city. If you are looking for a simple and cheap accommodation is the right place. In addition, you only have a few minutes walk to the bus station. More on that later. In the evening we took a look at the area around our hotel and found a shopping center. In this shopping center, we then went out to eat.

Thailand holiday in Phuket Town

Why to Phuket Town? Well, we were looking for cheap accommodation with a good location and away from the red light district. In Phuket Town you will also find some great sights. For example, the 3D Museum is just minutes from the hotel. We bought our tours for the New Year to Phi Phi Island and the James Bond Rock at a booth at the bus station. For evening entertainment, there is also a disco and a few bars near the hotel.

By bus from Phuket Town to Patong

Phuket Town Bus StationAt the Bus Terminal 1 in Phuket Town the ticket for the drive to Patong costs 50 Baht. Depending on traffic, the journey for the 10km route takes between 30 minutes and one hour. Patong is a very popular destination for many tourists coming to Thailand. Especially in the Bangla Road of Patong is very much for the nightlife. We went to New Year’s Eve party on New Year’s Eve in Patong. Around 15 o’clock we drove by minibus from Phuket Town to Patong. Afterwards we walked to Patong Beach down Prachanukhro Road and walked along the beach to Bangla Road.

Patong City – New Year’s Eve Nightlife – Bangla Road

The Bangla Road in Patong is on the island of Phuket something like the Walking Street in Pattaya. The red light district is located in the middle of Patong and runs through the approximately 1km long Bangla Road. From regular beer bars to pool dance clubs to shooting ranges, you will also find discos and restaurants for dining. A good hotel near Bangla Road is the 3 star Tropica Bungalow Hotel overlooking the beach.

Cost of day trips on Phuket

What did it cost? Because we booked the Thailand vacation to Phuket in the high season and in addition to that in a German-speaking travel agency in Pattaya Naklua, we paid well on it. Not only that the prices for the flight and the hotel were already too expensive, there was still a commission of 30% on top. I will not make this serious mistake anymore!

  • The return flight cost 150 euros
  • For the taxis to the airport in Bangkok and back were about 90Euro due and again 60Euro for the transfer on Phuket

The hotel, which was suburb for only 500Baht the room and per night to book, cost us again about 200Euro for the week.


James Bond Felsen

Day trip to the James Bond rocks

We also booked the day trip to the famous James Bond Rock near Bus Terminal 1. In our detailed travel report you will learn more about our day trip.

Schnellboot in Thailand

Our day trip to the Phi Phi Islands

We had booked on our Phuket trip, near our hotel, the day trip to the Phuket Islands. Learn more about the trip in our travelogue.

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