Thailand’s economic growth – gross domestic product

Thailand’s economic growth & gross domestic product

Thailands WirtschaftswachstumThailand’s economic growth has been constant for years. It always seems to go up. Thailand’s gross domestic product (GDP) has increased almost twice in the last 10 years. In 2008 it was still about 290 billion US dollars, now it is already 490 billion in 2018. The economy in Thailand is booming, you can see it in the ever-growing tourist areas such as Pattaya, Bangkok and Phuket, but also on the islands is diligently expanded. In 2001, Thailand’s gross domestic product was only $ 120 billion.

Hotel recommendations in Pattaya

If you do not travel as a backpacker from place to place in Thailand, you are certainly looking for the right hotel. Which hotels can I recommend to you in Pattaya? In the central Pattaya there is the very beautiful but also expensive Hilton Hotel that  Mera Mare Hotel is a little cheaper. The Royal Cruise Hotel is also located in central Pattaya and right on the beach.

Pattaya Naklua Hotels. Much cheaper it is still in Naklua, there is the Lek Villa Hotel with a nice big pool and that Woodlands Resort. In German hands is the slightly more expensive Thai Garden Resort.

Thailand’s Economic Growth – Infrastructure Thailand

Currently, new stations for trains and Sky Trains are being built in Bangkok. For example, the Bangkok MRT Yellow Line and the Pink Line. These should be completed by 2021. This significantly reduces road traffic between urban areas and pollutes the environment with less CO2.

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